Universal Training Solutions Inc. History

Universal Training Solutions Inc. was created out of a need for Law Enforcement, Security personnel, Private Investigators, Hospitality Staff (doorman), Healthcare, and private sector employees, to acquire training specific to their duties. Before Universal Training Solutions Inc. was formed, most training was provided in more of a martial arts environment. Most defensive tactics and self defense training are based on martial arts techniques however, with the demand for more specific training to the Law Enforcement, private Security industry, and Healthcare environment, Universal Training Solutions Inc. was formed to provide such services in both the public and private sectors.

Training in martial arts is still done by many people. All the basic skills are important and encouraged; however, not everyone takes the initiative to train two or three times a week. Specialized courses by Universal Training Solutions Inc. provide those necessary skills that are conducive to the Law Enforcement and Healthcare environment, using the correct terminology and tactical communications, while understanding legal authorities.