As a Security Company providing security services, are your staff trained and prepared to work in or run a Close Protection Detail? As a Security Professional, are you prepared and ready for that call to assist on a Close Protection Detail?

Universal Training Solutions Inc. offers unique Close Protection training for the Canadian security market.

This training is designed to provide training for duties on a close protection detail with an understanding of the skills and procedures required to provide effective close protection in the private sector in Canada. Comments from a recent courses in; Calgary  Alberta, Waterloo & Ottawa Ontario:

“The instructors are able to hone our skills in a professional manner, relevant to the Canadian Close Protection Field.” 

“Both instructors did a fantastic job of teaching the practical applications of Close Protection and relating it to the real world in Canada.”

“I learned more about the legal aspects and more in depth knowledge of best practices in Canada.  The live field exercises gave me the feel of practical applications, considering that I’ve never conducted a protective detail outside of my work and current safety zone.” 

“As a new comer to Close Protection, it was an eye opener on the pre-planning requirements, circulation of team members, communications, and working in public locations.”

“A good flow during the course.  Thank you for the in depth knowledge.  I’m looking forward to using these skills in the field.” 

“The instructors provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry, especially Close Protection.  I’m confident that I can now apply these skills in the field.  When is Level 2 & 3 coming to Ontario?” 

“Ken and Michael are excellent instructors.  They cover the theory and physical skills in all aspects of being a Close Protection Specialist.  I especially enjoyed the live field exercises, applying the skills taught while interacting with the public … like real life.  I also enjoyed hearing about their own experiences as Close Protection Specialists.”  

“Learn to be a professional from the professionals!  I truly enjoyed and appreciated this course.  The right mix of theory and practical, and for me, a perfect class size (10).  Both Ken and Michael were personable, professional, and thorough.  Egos were checked at the door! I would highly recommend this training for anyone who considers security as a career.”


  • Use of Force Theory, Safety Principles, Legal Authorities
  • Conflict Management, Tactical Communications, De-escalation
  • Principles & Concepts of Close Protection
  • Risk Assessments & Threat Assessments
  • The Advance – Domestic & Foreign
  • Private Protection: Corporate / Dignitary / Celebrity
  • Marketing
  • Defensive Tactics, Self Defense, Control, Grounding, Unarmed Tactical Training
  • Edged Weapon & Firearm Response options
  • Choreography of Protection / Detail Formations / Cover & Evacuate
  • Enbus / Debus, Convoy Strategies & Tactics
  • Live Field Exercises & Simulations
  • Early Registration discounts and payment options available or contact us regarding a group discount.

This course is intended for the entry-level close protection specialist and will be delivered by industry professionals with public and private sector experience. The course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the skills and protocols required to provide professional and effective personal protection in the Canadian private sector.  The course is offered at a reasonable fee compared to other programs.  Our course focuses on practical skills and knowledge for the specialist working in the Canadian market. You won’t be fast roping or scuba diving for explosives with us. Just learning what you really need to know to be successful at Close Protection in Canada.

Invest in your future. Get trained. Be prepared.

Previous basic security experience highly recommended. Learn about close protection, doing the advance, protective detail formations, and refresh your defensive tactics skills. Opt in to our ‘upcoming courses and news updates’ below to receive emails regarding future courses and dates.

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