On June 22, Canadian Security magazine and Ken Hoggart, president of Universal Training Solutions, hosted a webinar on Use of Force. The 60-minute session focused on Use of Force, its perceptions (and misperceptions) in the market. In his presentation, Ken covered the basics of safety when it comes to the application of Use of Force, as well as how situations may be de-escalated before such application becomes necessary. The session was presented live at 2PM EST and registered participants were able to contact Ken through the webinar tool for questions and follow-up in a 15 minute Q&A session.
That webinar is now available in its entirety, presented here in a video format. Canadian Security magazine’s next webinar will be held Aug. 11:

“Understanding PTSD and developing coping mechanisms,” presented by expert and trainer Debbie Bodkin. Registration is now open, so please assure your spot. Registrants who attend the live presentation at 2 PM EST will have an opportunity to ask questions of Debbie in a 15 minute Q&A.

– See more at: http://www.canadiansecuritymag.com/video/webinar-recap-use-of-force-and-false-perceptions#sthash.X0h3qFAT.dpuf